Our Approach

At Love & Light Yoga our passion is to help you maintain a balance between body, mind, soul, and spirit. Our goal is to help you in re-establishing flexibility, mobility, and physical stability. Yoga is for everyone regardless of experience or physical challenges. We're here to find the healing class that will improve your well being.

Our Story

Each of our instructors has a story to tell. For each of us, yoga has changed our lives in so many ways from physical healing to a sense of well being. We'll be happy to share our stories and welcome you to join us.

Meet Our Team

Jamie Vandemeir

Yoga Teacher

Karen Hearon

Reiki Master

Robbin Simmons-Cerilli

Owner of Clermont Workout

Kolleen Kelley-Evers

Yoga Teacher

Olina Reynolds

Yoga Teacher

Next Steps...

Call or email us through our Contact Us page to learn more about how Love and Light Yoga can benefit you. Your better life may be a phone call away.