Is Yoga a religion?

No. It is an ancient art that brings together movement, breath, stillness, meditation and philosophy. Yoga is a way of maintaining health physically, mentally and emotionally. The word Yoga means union; the practice of Yoga supports all religious and spiritual beliefs and practices.

Is Yoga only for woman?

Yoga is for everyone. We have many men in our class. In fact, Yoga was started by men nearly 5,000 years ago.

I always see trim, fit young women in Yoga photos. Can I still do Yoga at my age even though I'm not in shape and flexible?

Yes. Yoga can be practiced at any age or ability.  One of the many benefits is getting you back into shape physically, mentally, and emotionally. We fit our classes to you and your needs.

Isn't Yoga just another form of stretching exercise?

No. Yoga combines more than postures and stretches. It includes connecting our mind and body with breathing to direct our attention inward. As you practice Yoga your heart, body, and mind become more flexible and aligned.